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Multidisciplinary, our team is a happy mix of competent, experienced, dedicated, motivated and passionate professionals who have in common the desire to surpass themselves to offer you remarkable service and outdoor experience.

Danny Laperriere



Fervent canoe enthusiast, lover of the great outdoors and development, Danny is an adventure-nature advisor for Témiscamingue. He also coordinates the Coop de l'Arrière-Pays with heart, know-how and dedication. It is with enthusiasm that Danny works to propel the adventure-nature center of excellence. He is distinguished by his leadership, his vigilance and his benevolence. Loving to explore, adventure off the beaten path renews her love of the outdoors every time.


Passionate about wild mushrooms, he works with dedication to develop mycotourism in the region.
Invested in the mission of demystifying the edible products of our forest, it offers educational and animated group outings. It is with heart that he shares his knowledge and his know-how.


Passionate about the outdoors since childhood, Malie has traveled the world and explored its wilderness. From diving in Australia, through rock climbing in Switzerland, to sea kayaking in the Arctic and Scandinavia, the road to adventure is hers. With a doctorate in biology, Malie recognizes the edibility of mushrooms, birds by their song and trees by their leaves and bark.


Committed to the development of climbing in the region since 2014, Frédéric and Guy quickly wanted to share their passion for heights. Instructors certified by the Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l'escalade (FQME), they will guide you in complete safety during your first steps on the walls overlooking the backcountry. Forget your fears and fill up on adrenaline and stunning landscapes!

Julie Boivert


Biologist and geographer by training, Julie loves adventures.
On foot, by bike, by canoe or on skis, she has explored many ecosystems, but the wilderness of Quebec remains her favorite destination.
Sharing the secrets of nature with young and old is a privilege for the one who is now a teacher.