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Thanks to its immense territory, which is 85% covered in lush, game-rich forest, Témiscamingue and Abitibi qualify as the ultimate place to fill up on nature. This land with a forest area of ​​65,000 km2 is located at the meeting point of two ecosystems with enchanting attractions and distinct charms. This rich diversity of landscapes guarantees a total change of scenery. To the south, the deciduous and mixed forest of Témiscamingue is dominated by majestic white and red pines and exhibits various species of hardwoods and conifers such as sugar maple, yellow birch, pine, fir and larch. Its mountainous relief hammers home the beauty of the landscape. To the north, Abitibi is characterized by the typical presence of fir, the famous white and black spruce and white birch. There are plateaus and low hills ideal for observing the territory as far as the eye can see. Wildlife is abundant here. It is not uncommon to observe moose, red fox, Canada lynx, beaver, duck and even, further south, turtles. Outdoor activities are ideal for taking advantage of the magic offered by its wide open spaces. Summer or winter, it's a huge playground.


The water is flowing!

The fabulous interconnection of our hydrographic network made up of an impressive maze of 22,000 lakes and rivers is certainly the element that propels the territory to the top of outdoor destinations. Whether sailing on impressively large bodies of water dotted with narrow bays or on small lakes surrounded by hills with loons as the only accomplices, the nature of the backcountry is a source of joy and amazement. Vertiginous rocky escarpments, idyllic islands, inviting sandy beaches border the water of this fabulous aquatic terrain. At the rhythm of the paddle, one instantly falls addicted to its sporting rivers with intoxicating waterfalls with the spectacle of majestic falls as a reward.

It's obvious!

At the head of the waters of Quebec, the region marks the line of the waters that flow north into the great basin of James Bay and Hudson Bay and south into the St. Lawrence River. We also find in its rich subsoil a natural water of a rare degree of purity filtered from the famous eskers.

Tell you how much water characterizes our playground!

The name of the region, Témiscamingue and Abitibi, in the Anishinaabe language refers to our hydrographic network. Témiscamingue evokes "the deep lake". Lake Témiscamingue having an average depth of 120 meters. The word "Abitibi" designates the place "where the waters divide", in reference to the dividing line of the waters that cross the region. More than elsewhere, the tranquility of the place and the isolation are conducive to dropping out of the urban jungle. Sparsely populated with its 2.2 inhabitants per km2, the place creates an impression of peace and freedom. Unquestionably wild, this region provides the rare and sought-after privilege of an intimate one-on-one with nature. On a hike, you can take advantage of the silence and the beauty of the place on intimate paths that criss-cross the forest and lead up to breathtaking viewpoints. By bike, we expose ourselves to the magnificent rural landscapes on roads that very often belong to us for long minutes. The territory is full of small jewels of picturesque roads, paved or not, to explore on two wheels. Témiscamingue and Abitibi conceal an infinite playground that will thrill the explorer in you, without worrying about organization! Specialist of the territory, the Coop de l'Arrière-Pays is your springboard to the nature experience you are looking for.