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A promising new wave in the adventure world in Quebec, the Coop de l'Arrière-Pays is a solidarity cooperative that brings together the living forces of the environment to establish a complete and integrated outdoor offer that meets the needs of the regional community. and its visitors.

The Cooperative de l'Arrière-Pays offers a tourist and experiential offer in human and natural formula in Témiscamingue and Abitibi. These experiences include several one-day or longer guided or self-guided activities, support services, training and workshops, rental equipment and accommodation.

The Cooperative de l'Arrière-Pays is also involved in the development and maintenance of the infrastructures of the places of practice and in the development of skills and knowledge among the school clientele.



Create a synergy on the territory allowing interactions between humans and nature through safe, environmentally friendly and innovative outdoor experiences.


RESPECT: We act for the preservation of natural spaces and nature infrastructures | We are caring and attentive to our clients, our members, our teams and our partners while showing empathy, recognition and fairness towards them.

ACCESSIBILITY: We are working to make natural environments accessible | We encourage the participation and involvement of all stakeholders in order to help generate significant social and economic benefits in all communities.

AUDACITY: We are agile in the art of building unique and innovative experiences | We show initiative, creativity and magic in everything we do.

PROFESSIONALISM: We apply the highest security standards in the industry | We act in such a way as to be worthy of the trust of our customers, our partners and our teams in achieving our mission | We manage and develop sustainably and responsibly.

AUTHENTICITY: Our offer of original, spontaneous and sincere experiences reflects our local culture | We act honestly, generously and responsibly in the conduct of our actions. We are sincere and transparent in our relationships.


Respect, preserve and love. La Coop de l'Arrière-Pays uses these words as a mantra in all facets of its operations. We use the Leave No Trace principles to make our tourist destination a responsible and environmentally friendly place for outdoor practice.

We consent to sustainable tourism. Ensuring sustainable development involves combining the environmental, social and economic dimensions. In our process of developing a hub for the adventure-nature experience in Témiscamingue, Abitibi and Northeastern Ontario, we rely on the rational use of the territory, the conservation of natural systems and respect for the culture of the place and of the Anishinaabe and local populations. We want to contribute to ensuring an environment developed according to the quality of life of the citizen first and wish to share it with visitors who respect the values ​​of our destination.



accredited quality safety

This seal certifies that the Cooperative applies the highest safety and quality standards adopted by adventure and ecotourism professionals in Quebec. Accredited member of Aventure Écotourisme Québec, the Coop de l'Arrière-Pays has demonstrated that it is safe, professional and meets the Association's accreditation program. The quality-safety accreditation is a self-regulation for nature and adventure tourism companies that was developed by Aventure Écotourisme Québec with the financial support of the Ministère du Tourisme (MTO). To ensure the maximum safety of tourists who practice nature and adventure activities in Quebec, the accreditation includes more than 60 minimum standards with rigorous criteria in addition to specific standards for activities, technical training for guides, a mechanism for inspecting enterprises and measures following complaints.


This classification certificate certifies that we are eligible to offer accommodation to tourists.


The project of creating an outdoor cooperative has long been in the minds of the players in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue community as a solution to the enhancement of the natural heritage and its exceptional attractions through the development of an outdoor offer. .

In 2019, a concrete step in this direction was taken when the population of Témiscamingue chose nature-adventure tourism as one of the three strategic development poles of its territory and as the spearhead of its tourist development.

The shared vision of making Témiscamingue the hub of the adventure-nature experience of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Northeastern Ontario revolves around the implementation of a cooperative structure connected and anchored in its environment.

The Coop de l'Arrière-Pays was created thanks to the involvement of a group of experts and enthusiasts and the considerable support of regional development bodies. It works to establish a complete and integrated outdoor offer that meets the needs of the community and its visitors.

Convinced by the exceptional assets of Témiscamingue, the Coop team articulates its development efforts around seven pillars:

  • The addition of high quality specialized outdoor equipment;
  • The package of outdoor experiences for seamless access to the offer of activities and accommodation;
  • The addition of essential services to support the offer (shuttle, luggage transport, etc.);
  • The establishment of a team of competent and qualified outdoor responders;
  • The development and structured maintenance of the places of practice;
  • A powerful transactional website.

Such a process lays a solid foundation for building the success of this innovative project with a profile of common good.