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Terre d'aventure

land of adventure

The lakes, rivers and forests of Abitibi-Témiscamingue are intimately linked to its history. Since the dawn of time, the Anicinabeg have criss-crossed this immense territory, tracing the main lines of the paths we take today.

Then came the travelers, the wood runners, the lumberjacks, the prospectors and the farmers who continued to forge the identity of the region... Generations of adventurers and adventurers followed in their footsteps in the forests of Témiscamingue and Abitibi which still remain a rather well-kept secret.

These outdoor enthusiasts have come together to create the Coop de l'Arrière-Pays and mark a new page in the region's history. With this outdoor cooperative, our backcountry now becomes a more easily accessible destination for neophytes; a land of adventure ready to welcome visitors from here and elsewhere.

With this blog, we want to convey our passion for the outdoors and especially our love of the magnificent playground that surrounds us. We will share our favorites, adventure stories and advice to make your expeditions even more exciting and safe. Looking forward to meeting you on our way; whether it's a trail, a winding river or a climbing wall!