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Un bol d’air qui fait du bien

A bowl of air that feels good

Lace up your sneakers as the city barely wakes up. Put on your explorer's hat and go deep into the woods in search of natural treasures.

Break the mirror of the lake with his paddle and slide gently on the water. Cling to the wall, climb, tame its height. What a great way to feel alive, alive in adventure, head in the wind, spirit in the air.

The outdoors combined with physical activity is a natural solution to all the words in the world. It is in a moment of escape or overtaking that we can hear our true self vibrate, the voice, our way.

With a great pedal stroke, you can become "invincible, untouchable and immortal" as Daniel Bélanger says. There are certainly its share of challenges to be taken up when one is outdoors, the stimulation can be more or less intense according to the desire. One thing is certain, it propels us directly into a state of mission accomplished, challenges met, pride what! Isn't there a finer moment than being proud of yourself? This feeling can only lead to an addiction to the outdoors and the desire to start again as soon as the opportunity arises.

Contact with the natural elements greatly contributes to improving and preserving health, whether physical or mental. Increasing self-esteem, removing stress through rewarding physical activity while socializing, this is a winning combination for reaching inner plenitude. Being in nature is undoubtedly the best way to rest the brain.

Where the synthetic network does not exist, where the moment lives on the edge of time. The benefits can only be remarkable and tangible. Access to nature is vital and lucky as we are, our backyard is full of it.