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Les types de vélo

Types of bike

Cycling is an activity accessible to the majority of us that we can practice both alone in duo, in group or with family. From the countryside, to the city via the mountains, the choice of bike is an imponderable to live a most pleasant outdoor experience. But how to make the right choice?

road bike

Road bike

Light and fast, the road bike is perfect for riding on asphalt circuits. Its narrow tires make it a lively bike that gains speed quickly. It is certainly not the most comfortable bike, but its curved handlebars allow you to change position when fatigue is felt. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, you will appreciate its great performance and its agility on smooth surfaces.

gravel bike

Gravel bike

This type of frame is one of the most versatile on the market. Halfway between the road bike and the mountain bike, the Gravel bike is the best possible choice for the cyclist who wants to own a single bike and do various routes. With its wide (but not too wide) tires and its endurance-type geometry, you can both go on the road and go on a few days of adventure in the backcountry.

Mountain bike

Mountain bike

The mountain bike is the perfect machine for riding off the beaten track. Robust and solid, its wide and straight handlebars allow excellent control of the machine. Its wide, knobby tires grip rough terrain well, and its suspension absorbs shock. It's perfect for big adventure and unpredictable trails. With the mountain bike, you will test your reflexes and your liveliness.

To get your season on two wheels off to a good start, first listen to the adventurer in you! It will guide you to your dream mount!