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School groups

La Coop de l'Arrière-Pays has developed a range of specialized outdoor workshops for schools. In collaboration with the various schools in the region, we offer activities offering multiple learning situations adapted to the school context:
  • Introductory technical workshops;
  • Nature discovery and interpretation activities;
  • Educational workshops;
  • Specialized training.

These activities allow the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills in an outdoor context with young people in the school environment.

This service offering aims to:
  • Promote the quality of student contact with nature through the acquisition of knowledge;
  • Allow students to learn outside while helping to reduce the nature deficit among young people;
  • Supervise and equip young people in the territory so that in-kind interventions can ensure the targeted learning and safety;
  • Develop the culture of the outdoors among the young people of the territory.

Among the riches that the Coop wishes to share, we find:
  • Interpretation of flora and fauna;
  • Mycology (learning and discovery of edible and wild mushrooms);
  • Orientation in the forest, survival in the forest;
  • Principles Leave No Trace;
  • Technical courses on different outdoor disciplines (canoeing, kayaking, hiking), etc.

The learning activities are led by our team of specialized and/or certified instructors. They are hired for their qualifications, experience and expertise in the field of the outdoors.


Children are natural scientists and love to experiment and discover new sites, new smells, new noises and new materials.
Nature offers countless opportunities for discovery, creativity and problem solving.
Interacting in the outdoor environment allows children to learn by doing and experiment with new ideas.
In nature, children think, question and make assumptions, developing an inquisitive mind.
Being outside allows you to breathe good, invigorating air in addition to offering countless opportunities for physical activity which, in turn, strengthens the body.

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